What do Keratin Treatments do? 10 Benefits that Will Surprise You

What do Keratin Treatments do? 10 Benefits that Will Surprise You


We're suckers for smooth and glossy hair! We are here to tell you why keratin treatments are beneficial for you and what it actually does to your hair.

1. It gives you 101 hair styling options

Imagine what it would be like if you could mold your hair into any shape and style you want?

Well, this is precisely what a Keratin smoothing treatment does for you.

When your hair is:

  • Smooth as silk
  • Feels soft to the touch
  • Has plenty of body and bounce
  • Dimensionally daring

You can do anything!!

Just let your imagination go wild, and get ultra creative with your hairstyles.

Believe me, no matter what shape you whip your hair into …

…it’s gonna hold that style all day long and look effortlessly beautiful!

2. It makes your hair easy to style

 Let’s be honest:

There’s nothing more satisfying than hitting snooze one more time in the morning.

I am guilty as charged.

But what if:

You could make your hair look perfectly put together in less than 10 minutes!

The “Roll-out-of-bed-and-go” hairstyles have never been easier after doing a keratin treatment and by using the Unnique Xpress Blow Dry even more! Get that "On-the-go" hair look effortlessly but nevertheless still fabulous!

3. It gives you low-maintenance hair

Your hair styling routine doesn’t have to be complicated.

And if it is, then we've got your solution here! Say no more to Unhealthy hair.

By unhealthy hair, we mean:

  • High porosity
  • Split ends
  • Lots of tangles

A keratin restorative therapy treatment helps fix high porosity by nourishing the hair with essential nutrients and smooths your strands on the outside to fix all your hair woes in one go.

And it lasts for at least 3-4 months!

You won’t need all these different products to style your hair.

You’ll love how low-maintenance your hair will be after the treatment saves you time and money from its amazing benefits.

4. It gives you natural, straight hair

Unlike other chemical relaxers that make your hair poker straight and stiff, and even more damaged, a keratin straightening treatment makes your hair straight with natural movement, elasticity, and true health.

But I’ll have to warn you…

Keep your hands off! Your hair will be that beautiful, you won't stop touching it!

5. It makes your hair smooth to the touch

Imagine the feeling when your hair straightener plates can just glide through your hair, and you don’t have to fight with a wet brush to tame unruly tangles!

That’s the beauty of keratin-treated hair.

Let me explain how it works …

Imagine the outer layer of your hair (cuticles) are like roof tiles. And their primary purpose is to protect the inner hair cortex from external damage. Now imagine what happens when your roof tiles have cracks, holes or worse. Similarly, when you overwork your hair with chemical treatments and heat styling, they ruffle up and crack too.

Run a hairbrush through, and you’re more likely to end up tugging and breaking your hair.

A keratin treatment helps nourish and treat your hair from within, and seal the hair cuticles to make them healthy, and in place again. An extra film-forming silk-protein layer, helps restore smoothness and heals the snags and tears.

6. It makes your hair shiny and glossy

When your cuticles are flat and smooth, your hair reflects light.

It gleams, illuminates, and glistens with pure radiance.

A Keratin treatments is a great way to flatten out the cuticle so it reflects more light, which in turn makes the hair feel and look healthier and shinier.

And as the saying goes …

The shinier the hair, the brighter the star shines.

So prepare to turn heads with your super glossy hair.

7. It improves the texture of your hair

The texture is what gives your hair the visual quality and unique feel it has. Mechanical damage, aging, and over processing your hair can all contribute to wear and tear, thus:

● Shrinking the thickness and density of each fiber

● Making the cuticle layer crinkly and rough, causing unwanted breakage and weakness to the hair.

Over time, abundant hair with high density and smooth surface can end up looking thin and fragile due to loss of texture.

A keratin treatment does 2 things really well to tackle both problems:

● It replenishes keratin (the building blocks of the hair fiber)

● It shuts and seals the cuticles to make the outside flat, healthy, and smooth.

Whether your hair is:

● Fine

● Medium

● Thick or Coarse

● Wavy/curly

● Straight

● Or anything in between

A keratin treatment adds progressive enhancements to each hair strand to preserve its visual quality and smooth feel.

8. It fortifies your hair’s structure

Working from the core of each of the hair fibers, a keratin treatment shuttles:

● Anti-aging peptides

● Microproteins

● Argan oil

● Collagen

● And a potent elixir of hydrating fatty acids

into the hair cortex to fortify its structure.

Keratin makes up to 91 percent of hair and contains 16 different amino acids, with cysteine being the most important one as it creates the sulfur bridges in hair that give it it’s internal strength.

Together, these ingredients strengthen your hair to protect it from daily aggressors like UV, hard water minerals, and heat styling.

9. It repairs damaged hair

When your hair is severely stressed out and robbed of its essential nutrients, there’s nothing you can do to make it look good no matter how hard you try.

Unless… You find high quality, premium hair care treatments that will be able to provide health again to your hair through its advanced technology and formulation, like the treatments you can find here.

The only way that it can be done to reboot your dull looking hair is by using keratin treatments.

The treatments are packed with anti-oxidants, the healing goodness of Micronized proteins, and Argan oil, helping bring the mojo back into your hair.

10. It evens out your hair’s porosity

Do you feel like your hair is as brittle as a dry stick, and even the tiniest of twitch will make it snap and fall out? Does your hair feel rough on the outside and swell up quickly when the air is humid?

These are telltale signs of high porosity hair which can absorb more than its own weight in water, and stretch outside of its comfort zone.

The problems:

● Hair absorbs water excessively

● It takes on brassy colors fast

● It tangles badly

● It’s always frizzy

Keratin in itself works with the porosity of the hair. Most frizz, damage, and tangled hair is due to overly porous hair. Keratin treatments fill in the gaps where keratin has been depleted, so humidity is combated and hair is left with a healthier appearance.


Check out these amazing lines of fantastic treatments and hair care products that will bring true life back to your hair, and most importantly, health!

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