What Are Your Hair Needs?

What Are Your Hair Needs?


It takes time to learn about yourself and more if your hair is involved. I don’t know about you but a lot of people take years to find out what type of products to use according to what their hair really needs. Usually when they realize what they need they see a satisfactory transformation and it really makes a difference when you give your hair what it wants. In the end your hair will thank you and you will totally see the results afterwards.

So let’s get to the juicy stuff! What are your hair needs?

  • Dry Hair -> If your hair is dry then it means that your scalp does not make sufficient oil to moisturize your hair. Your hair will usually look dull, brittle, frizzy and tangled. It can be caused by a variety of reasons such as dry scalp, age, environmental conditions, lack of protection or health problems. If you are encountering this situation, one of your hair needs is moisture in order to easily facilitate the tangling situation and prevent hair loss as well. What you need is a product that can repair damaged hair cells and regenerate the nutrients that your hair demands.

-Our Evox product line will help you with the dryness, dull, processed, and unmanageable hair.

The Liquid Plasma Anti-Aging Shampoo and the Liquid Plasma Anti-Aging Conditioner has a pH level of 5.5, free of sulfates and sodium chloride which makes a protective cover. The shampoo allows your hair to be more protected if you have any color or keratin treatment; it also deposits the fibroblast (cell that produces collagen and other fibers) that your hair is required to have.






Deep conditioning your hair once per week is needed to restore the moisture and the shine that you deserve. After washing off the mask you can use our Evox Anti-Aging Shampoo and Conditioner (listed above) to entirely fulfill the need of getting rid of dry and unmanageable hair. 

-We also highly recommend the Liquid Plasma Anti-Aging Droplettes which has amazing ingredients such as fibroblast, argan oil, camellia, sweet almond, and jojoba seed. These ingredients will leave your hair manageable, less frizzy and will bring the hydration needed to reduce dry hair. 

The entirely Evox line is a hair rejuvenation therapy, which has Fibroblast as the main ingredient that will help transform weak hair, breakage, split ends, dryness and frizzy hair into a stronger, thicker, healthier and more resistant hair.

  • Curls-> if you have wavy/curly hair and you are dealing with frizz, split ends, dry hair, no shine, damaged hair by chemical processes, and dryness, then you most likely need moisture, protein, a trim, and products that matches the energy of your hair. If you want to look for a Bela Beauty (Unnique) product that will help with this need then we recommend:

KBS After Care Leave-in, this product restores the moisture and reverse environmental effects such as hot/cold weather. It also leaves your hair soft, shiny and easy to manage while giving you a long last natural look. 

Oro Care Box 6 Ampoules, this product balances the hair’s pH and it balances with its formula that regenerates the damaged hair giving it an everlasting healthy and moisture hair!

KBS After Care Hair Mask, this deep mask restores elasticity and it rebuilds the strength of your hair. It is rich in proteins which leave your hair moisturized and shiny. It also reverses chemical and environmental damages.

Xpress Blow Dry, it is the perfect product if you are looking to have a perfect salon blow-dry, which controls the frizz, smooths, and hydrates the hair.

  • Hair Loss & Oily/Greasy Hair-> Sometimes we suffer from hair loss and unhealthy hair due to chemical practices and unhelpful products that mistreat your hair. There are several reasons for this which are the bad care we give to our hair when it comes to treating it gently (when we detangled), putting masks to revive our hair or for certain reasons that only a dermatologist can help. Our Unica brand has several products that can help with the reduction of hair loss and it promotes hair growth because of its ingredients. These products are:

Ever Grow Biotin Strengthening Shampoo helps to clean our hair and bringing it back to life thanks to its formula which includes Biotin (excellent for hair loss), Soy Polypeptides (improves texture and strength of hair), and Fito purifying and toning extracts (promotes hair growth). In overall, this is a product free of sulphates, sodium chloride, mineral oil and parabens which will give strength, growth and shine to your hair.

Ever Grow Biotin Light Conditioner, it contains biotin which is incredibly great for hair growth. It helps to strengthen damaged and weak hair due to the fact that it is made with purifying and toning extracts which in the end will leave your hair moisturized, healthy and soft hair while at the same time helping you reduce the hair loss.

Ever Grow Biotin Hair Tonic, the formula of this product includes Biotin and Capilisil that helps to stimulate and give strength to the root of the hair that is weak. It also balances the oiliness of your hair by distributing it properly in order to promote hair growth, thickness and in overall a healthy hair.


There are tons of other products and home remedies that you can use to surpass whatever type of issue your hair is having. Remember that to fulfill your needs you have to be patient with the results because it is a process and believe me that we understand the struggle of this roadtrip of desperation. Don’t forget to check out our Bela Beauty store for other products that might be well fitting for a certain hair need that you might be looking for.


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