The 7 Best Natural Ingredients for your Hair

The 7 Best Natural Ingredients for your Hair

Is your hair in need of a serious detox? Why not give some treatments made from natural ingredients a go? Here are the 7 particularly effective ingredients for your hair.

Castor oil to boost hair growth

Besides deeply nourishing the hair fiber, this oil promotes hair growth due to its reparative properties. It contains fatty acids and Vitamin E which nourish, protect and revitalize your locks. Contained in certain hair products, it can be also used from time to time to give your hair a boost. To do this, pour three drops onto your scalp, the lengths of your hair and the tips. Wrap your hair in a warm towel and let the oil soak in for 20 minutes before washing it out. Tip: shampoo and rinse your hair twice to ensure you wash out all of the oil.

Aloe Vera to hydrate your locks and scalp

Besides quenching your hair with water, Aloe Vera holds it in to keep your locks hydrated for longer. Rich in vitamins and minerals, Aloe Vera gel (extracted from the inner leaves of the plant) soothes itching and speeds up healing of the scalp. Out of the hair treatments which contain aloe, opt for masks. Their application time (20/30 minutes) allows the product to work more effectively. And for those who are not bothered by its powerful scent, try a concentrated mask by applying the gel directly to your hair. Let it soak in for 10 to 15 minutes.

White vinegar to boost your hair's shine

Vinegar closes the hair's cuticles, adds shine and makes your color's highlights stand out (whether they are natural or not). Its pH also has a re-balancing effect which purifies the scalp, thus limiting the production of dandruff and excess sebum. However, two drawbacks are its odor and raw formula which can irritate the scalp. So it is preferable to opt for diluted treatments and vinegars developed specifically for your hair, which are more effective and less aggressive on your skin.

Coconut oil for nourishing weakened hair

Are you addicted to the smell of coconut? Wait until you hear about its virtues! Due to its protein content, it prevents breakages, protects the hair fiber, and makes it more supple. It is also one of the most effective oils for your hair as it penetrates quickly. Used in many hair products for all of these reasons, coconut oil can be applied in its pure form for an in-depth treatment from time to time. Apply it from the roots down to the tips if your hair is dry and just to the lengths if your hair is greasy. Let it soak in for 20 minutes before washing your locks (at least twice, to remove all of the product).

Salt as an anti-greasy hair remedy

Perhaps you didn't know this, but salt is also a beneficial ingredient for hair treatments due to its exfoliating and absorbent properties which remove excess sebum without stripping the hair fiber. By reactivating blood circulation, it purifies the scalp and also reduces dandruff production. However, don't rush for your pot of coarse sea salt just yet.

Honey for lightening your hair's color

Honey is used to enhance the fragrance of your shampoo, but not just that! Its sugar enzymes release hydrogen peroxide (contained in oxygenated water) which adds lighter highlights to your locks. Its nutrients also have regenerating virtues, repairing the superficial layers of the scalp and smoothing down the hair's cuticles. However, it's not worth spreading it over your hair. You will find it really hard to get out and it'd be a shame to waste good honey!

Rice proteins to boost volume

As they swell up full of water, rice proteins boost the density of all hair types. By attaching themselves to the hair fiber, they create a protective film which also helps keep hair hydrated for longer. Generally, you find rice proteins in conditioners specifically designed for fine hair.

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