How to towel dry your hair and keep it Beautiful without any damage

How to towel dry your hair and keep it Beautiful without any damage

Is your towel working against you? Is your towel the reason your hair doesn’t look as great as you want it to? That’s an odd concept… blaming your hair quality on your towel, but it could very well be the culprit.

For many, this will come as a shock because you switched to towel drying to protect your hair from the damage that blow-drying can do to your hair.
Now you’re learning that towel-drying can damage your hair, too.

It’s mainly the rubbing part of towel drying that damages your hair. Vigorous rubbing with a towel damages the cuticles, or the outer layer of each strand of hair. Because your hair is most fragile when it’s wet, it’s even more important that you avoid rubbing as much as possible.

So, if rubbing with a towel is out, how are you going to get your hair dry?

Tips for safely towel drying your hair

Blot, squeeze, and press

Skip the rub—press and blot your hair and scalp with a towel. This soaks up moisture from your hair and protects those delicate hair strands in the process.

You can even start this process in the shower before you grab the towel. Remove as much water as you can from your hair by pressing and squeezing before getting out of the shower. Just don’t twist, as this can damage hair.

Microfiber hair wraps

Here’s an interesting fact most people don’t know, the texture of your towel is an important part of drying it: The smoother the towel, the safer it is for your hair.

When opting for a nice, smooth towel, try a microfiber towel or hair wrap that’s designed to suck up water. In addition, microfiber towels have finer threads than human hair, which gives them a larger surface with which to absorb moisture. This means they will dry hair faster and absorb more water simply by sitting, wrapped around your head.

Another benefit of a hair wrap is the shaping. Get one that’s already formed to fit on your head, sort of like a cap. This stays in place without you having to twist, like you would a towel. Twisting your hair when it’s wet can damage and break strands.

Try a T-shirt

If you’re not sure about the microfiber towel, try a T-shirt. T-shirts are typically very absorbent and smooth, so they make great drying agents. Just remember: you still shouldn’t rub.

Condition first

Before you dry with your towel, condition your hair to smooth the hair cuticle and give it a little extra support to ward off any towel damage. You can condition after your shampoo in the shower with our Unnique After Care Conditioner or you can opt for a leave-in conditioner like our Unnique After Care Leave-In, both work just fine.

Not totally dry

Don’t worry about getting your hair 100% dry with a towel. Drying your hair all the way with a towel can be tricky, and it can take a long time.

Instead, look to get it mostly dry, then let it air dry or you can even blow-dry it. If you are going to blow-dry it, start by applying a heat protectant to your hair like our Xpress Blow Dry which not only helps to protect against heat but it also minimizes drying time leaving your hair shiny, hydrated and smooth. And It may also be wise to ensure ahead of time that you have the perfect hair dryer for your hair.

Final thoughts

The best way to protect your hair and get it dry is to use a combination of towel drying and air drying or blow-drying.

You may already know that the heat from a blow dryer can damage your hair and it can even damage your scalp. But did you also know that air-drying your hair can also be damaging? It’s all related to how fragile your hair is when it’s wet.

The best way to dry your hair is to do a little combination of towel drying and then blow drying or air drying. This way the majority of the moisture is absorbed with a soft and smooth towel, which protects your hair and is very efficient at removing water. Then the final styling bit can happen as you air-dry or blow-dry.

Using the right products can also be key to protecting your hair. You want to use a conditioner every time you wash your hair, either use one in the shower in conjunction with your shampoo or use a leave-in after you’re out of the shower. The conditioner protects the outer layer of your hair by encouraging it to lie down.

Not only will these Bela Beauty towel drying tips help you dry your hair without damage and breakage, but you should also begin to see less frizz and tangles too–making this process a winning one all the way around.

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