How Often Should You Cut your Hair and Why?

How Often Should You Cut your Hair and Why?

What should be the period of a regular haircut, a woman should have? We have grown up to a myth that states the period of 6 to 8 weeks is an ideal time for a regular haircut (for all hair types). But with all the advancement in the field of health and beauty, these basic concepts are being changed too.

How can we apply a single rule for all types of hair with different lengths? The span of haircut should differ with each hair type. To know more about it, read on the info given below.

Why We Need to Trim our Hair?

There is a misconception that has befooled a number of generations and it’s still going strong (hope it won't be after reading this). According to it, the more you cut your hair, the longer it will become. So, in the desire to have long (Rapunzel-like) hair, we keep on cutting or trimming our hair, and we hardly get that. But at the same time, we can’t deny the benefits of a regular haircut. A haircut is good for healthy and strong hair and you must have it according to your hair type.

What’s the Best Time to Trim your Hair?

The basic problem with a woman’s hair is the split ends. Unlike the theory of 6 to 8 weeks’ regular haircut period, I would suggest you opt for 3 to 4 month’s period, particularly when you have long hair with a certain style. According to hair experts, it’s about a 3 month time when you start to experience a decay in the ends of the hair and we finally get to see the split ends. To get split ends free and healthy hair, you are advised to see your hairdresser within 12 to 16 weeks (3 to 4 months approx.)

Does Season Make any Difference?

Studies have shown that the dryness of cold weather and roughness of winter clothes, both combine to create more rough ends to your hair. During times like these where the weather tends to cause dryness, it is suggested to trim about 1/2 in every 8-10 weeks between the months of October – March. 

At the same time, you should also avoid leaving your hair open around your neck (so they do not come in contact with winter staples like a scarf or turtleneck, to avoid rough ends), opting for a high ponytail is the best option for a spine chilling cold weather. But this rule is not applicable for the women living in the areas with a moderate climatic condition. Only those, living in rigidly cold temperatures should opt for this trimming schedule.

What’s the Effect of Blow Drying or Dying the Hair?

Heat styling and dying your hair is getting more and more common now. But both tend to damage the natural health of your hair. Women who opt for both these options are more likely to witness dry and damaged hair, particularly the split ends. For all such cases, a period of 6 to 8 weeks is good enough for the trimming of hair.

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Get a Haircut According to Your Hair Type

Each hair type should have its own regular haircut rules. Let’s see how often you should have your haircut.

  • Some women experience more rapid hair growth than others. In such cases, you would have to maintain your hairstyle every now and then. So, the sooner you find the crazy growth ruining your hairstyle, you can opt for a new haircut.
  • Girls who carry a short hair cut would have to manage their hair more frequently. Otherwise, it becomes hard to maintain a short haircut.
  • Long hair is more fragile and needs a haircut after 10 to 12 weeks. If you want to maintain lengthy hair, 12 to 16 weeks (like said earlier), is the best time.
  • Natural hair comes with a different level of growth. We all know, these are slow in growth. If you want to maintain a specific length, get them trimmed after every 3 to 4 months. But if you want to add length to them, the period of 4 to 6 months is good enough.
  • Having curly hair, you are going to witness more tangling and knotting in your hair within a couple of weeks of getting a haircut. So, being a girl with curly hair, if you find extra tangles and frizzes in your hair, just know, it’s time to get a haircut.
  • Processed hair needs more care and attention. Dyeing, highlighting, and straightening; all these hair procedures tend to damage the natural health and growth of the hair. Even if you don’t find any signs of damage on the hair, you are advised to get your locks trimmed each time you visit your stylist to get some style.

What if you Don’t Get a Haircut?

We are often asked this question by busy girls or housewives who find it hard to travel all the way to a hairdresser and get the trim. Haircut ensures health and if you don’t get it on a regular basis, the split ends would keep on multiplying, leaving your hair weak and in a damaged condition hard to repair.

Getting a haircut is important and we all need it according to our specific hair types. Some need it more while some need it less. And those who do not follow a regular haircut routine must be ready for long-lasting damage for their hair. Luckily you have us to share with you the most educational information on having and maintaining your hair healthy.

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Anna Collins

Thanks for letting us know that it usually takes 3 months before your hair starts experiencing decay in the ends that lead to split ends. I got my hair cut around 4 months ago, so I might need a trim soon. I’ll be sure to visit a beauty salon this weekend.

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