Halloween Edition: 5 Fun & Unique Hairstyles You Can Do this 2020 on your kids!

Halloween Edition: 5 Fun & Unique Hairstyles You Can Do this 2020 on your kids!

With Halloween just a few weeks away and dealing with COVID, parents are already pondering on fun and unique things they could do with their kids. We came up with some great ideas that can make this Halloween fun, like baking spooky treats, “Booing” our friends and even hosting a fun neighborhood party. But then... The idea just came to us, how else we can enjoy this Halloween if not finding cool ways to dress us without actually dressing up. The beauty of these hairstyles is that they can also be used for any wacky hair day at school, or when they need for creativity in style arises. Check out these 5 fun and unique hairstyles, down below!

  1. Spider Braid

This cool and easy hair style can be achieve in just a few simple steps. The whole concept behind this style can be used in different ways by using different plastic rings. These spider plastic rings found below can actually be purchased in most retail stores or you can also find them at your nearest dollar tree.

Halloween Hairstyle Spider Braids
  • Eyes on You

For this particular hairstyle, we recommend putting some time aside because this will definitely take a while but... It’ll definitely be worth it and it’ll turn some heads in your direction. To do this particular hairstyle we recommend going to your local Walmart or Party City and getting a package of different googly-sized eyes and Karo Syrup. Now you may ask... Why Karo Syrup? The Karo Syrup will help the eyes stick to the hair as glue would but during the removal process would wash off easily.

  • Octopus Braids

If you have long hair then this is the hairstyle for YOU! By simply putting your hair in a ponytail and attaching a bun form or a sock over the ponytail and letting the hair fall out around it while placing another hairband over it. Take your extra hair the sticks out around the bun and braid your legs. As a final touch, you can add some google eyes and there you go!

Halloween Hairstyle Octopus Braids
  • Minnie Mouse Ears
  • Now if you have an obsession with Disney then this right here is the style for you. This is probably a very complex hairstyle but very accomplishable. With just a couple of bobby pins, a hairbrush, and some hairspray you can achieve this look is less than 10 minutes.
  • The Spider Web

Need a last minute hairstyle that can be worn on a girl or boy? Grab a fake spider web and some hairspray and get the fun started. This simple yet fun look can be done on girls by creating a bun and then doing the same process of adding the spider web material.

Halloween Hairstyle The Spider Web

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